June Shofar Learning Breakthrough


Ivy’s Testimony:

I still remember before i attended the shofar activation workshop, i heard that pastor saying learn four times definitely can blow, i wasn’t really believe it. Last time i attended a church which also blow shofar. For that two years only blow one sound. In that church, we blew during worship time when we hear the meaning of the lyrics praising God and not blowing shofar before service start. For them shofar is not so important, we stand at the side. But dancing very important and dancers can stand on stage or stand in the middle.

After that i learnt here through zoom shofar activation workshop, only attended four times i can blow and also learn the three sound.I also tried and declare for myself that God give me shofar anointing. Really big difference. I praise God given to me and help me! I am very happy!