2020.9.2 Supernatural Healing Evening (II)

Jessie Wong: ​Thank you Lord for your healing on meniscus and knee pain.

Jasmine Ma: I felt the fatigueness and numbness on my body suddenly gone. Praise God.

China: I have a good back after a fall and it doesn’t hurt anymore

Sister from china : The knee joint was very sore and swollen before, thank the Lord, it’s all right now.

Regina: Thank you Jesus Christ heals my dry eyes.

Rapha Kong​: Thank You Lord Jesus for healing from stomach problem.

MUNYEE Kwan: ​my hearing problems got improved haliluya praise our Lord.

Sister He: Thank the Lord, my daughter’s ears have been healed, her hearing has returned to normal, and she can hear the tiny voice. I’m so happy.

Sister Zhao: My uncomfortable eyes feel better, and the bloating is gone.

Brother Meng:The cervical spine is healed, the stomach upset is healed, the eyes are dry, the knee joint pain is healed, the rhinitis is healed, the skin immunity is healed, the nervous system is healed, the body and mind are healed, and the sad mood is healed! thank God! Amen!

Peter:Mild bone hyperplasia in the waist! It’s not so uncomfortable and painful, and the pain in the left knee is also reduced! It feels like there is an air protecting the waist and knees!