2020.11.4 Supernatural Healing Evening (IV)

Lolin Lee: I received healing for my eyesight because got lazy eye(Amblyopia

Hsiuli Hsu: Amen. Thank you Lord for your healing of my eyes. Eyes got healed

Rongmei: Thank the Lord! Breathing is much easier.

Jolin Lee: I received my healing for muscle imbalance

Sabina Takisvilainan: Shoulder healed.

From CN: the headache doesn’t hurt anymore

Brother Chen: i feel there is a lot of emotional release! thank God!

Faith Tsang : I have joint pains in my hands’ got healed, thank the Lord!

Yiping: Hearing better, thank the Lord

Esther Ruth Kwan: I can feel the strong healing power from the beginning til now. I declare that I’m healed! Thanks Jesus! Thanks Steven!

Plenty: At the Supernatural Healing Evening (IV), Apostle Steven prayed for us. One of them was knee pain and discomfort, and hair loss and gray hair. In fact, during the whole process of his healing and prayer, my legs were very hot and hot. I was lying in the quilt because I was unwell. I thought it was the heat brought by the quilt, but after the meeting, the heat was gone. My knees can’t stand up smoothly when I’m squatting, and it hurts even when it rains. But today I squatted to wash clothes, there was no pain at all. I was suffering from severe hair loss, I was troubled. I didn’t have that many hair loss after washing my hair in the past few days. Glory to the Lord, and thank you Apostle Steven for intercession.