2020.10.7 Supernatural Healing Evening(III)

Sister shu: Inflamed teeth get healed

Sharon Ma: I can feel my nose clear up! my finger joint was pain. The pain left too

Sister Tsui: Rhinitis got healed

Candy: I have a swelling and headache, thank the Lord, heal me

Chan: Received God’s Healing Migraine completely removed and healed

Ivy Lam : The swelling of my knee in the last conference has disappeared, and it has not swelled anymore.

Liu Ping: We have a sister here, arm pain healed, another sister tooth pain healed, another, nose sinus also released! praise the Lord!

Grace: The nose is clear, Hallelujah!

Young: The joints are healed, the burden is relieved

Baobei: Hallelujah thanks and praise the Lord for healing my ears

Sama: thank God! My knuckles are healed! Thank God! Praise the Lord for his supernatural healing! Emanuel!

LaiFun: The pain in my hands and feet is gone, thank God

Tan​: my right hip was in pain. I got Healed totally in this zoom. glory to God!

Anonymous: Thank God for preparing the healing feast of 5781 Sukkot tonight!
Stephen’s service before the apostle throne brought God’s true presence!
Thank you for the blessing of the Western Lun Apostle Center for becoming more and more families in the country!
My knuckles are healed; the whole person is released and anointed by the Holy Spirit!
Believe that the prophecy of the apostle Stephen to our country, church, and family will be fulfilled! Coming soon!
We are all beautiful witnesses of God entering the new era of 5781!
Hallelujah thanks and praise God!