Testimony by Mary Chin on the power of sowing

Shalom everyone, I am Mary Chin from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
I would like to testify God’s provision and goodness towards me during the Covid 19 Lockdown this year.
Since March as I had to stay home due to the pandemic, and with the encouragement from my apostolic leaders, I began to attend the teachings by Robert Henderson.

It was at Robert Henderson teaching, I learned something new about SOWING. Robert Henderson taught that when you sow your offering, declare what you want from God and also ask Him the amount to sow in.. At the COH session,God spoke to me to sow in a certain sizeable amount to RH ministry.I obeyed God though my biz economy was not so good then. I told the Lord that I sowed in my offering for a turnaround in my biz.

And a miraculous and amazing breakthrough happen to my printing business. Still in the period of the Covid 19 pandemic, my printing company suddenly received not 1 but 2 big project contracts to print Hospital items of essential service. Also I got an official permit from the Hospital Director that allowed my company to work during the Lockdown time till today..
And PTL! I could pay full salary to my staff until today!
I knew it was that act of my sowing that turned my biz around. God is so good!

I learned that what I sowed, it is what I will reap. And when I obey the Lord, He will bless.
This is a powerful lesson I have learned about sowing.

I want to thank Camp & Bart for their kingdom hearts to make Robert Henderson teachings so available and affordable to us.And I am been blessed by their ministry .

Which is the 4th day of Hanukkah- Festival of Miracles,may you too experience breakthroughs and miracles as you sowed your offerings.
Thank you God that You are our Provider and Miracle Worker!!!