2022.11.30 Shofar-The Mighty Voice

Shofar is one of the important spiritual weapons of the Kingdom of God. Many people today have no knowledge of shofar, and even Christians resist blowing the shofar!
We look forward to giving everyone a new understanding of the shofar and helping you understand how to blow the shofar through the sharing and teaching!
We will teach in 3 parts: 1. Understanding the importance of the sound of the shofar in the last days; 2. How to align the frequency of the sound of the shofar with the frequency of God to bring about vibrations and breakthroughs in the spiritual world; 3. Receive the power of the shofar to allow God’s voice fights for you!
We will have group training, and everyone is encouraged to use Zoom to join and prepare for the shofar! Unleash the power of heaven in our atmosphere! Must come to join us!
If you need to buy shofars, you can contact Zebulun (whatsApp +852 51117175) to receive your personal shofar prepared by God for you!
Link to get into Zoom: (No need to register, get in directly)
Meeting ID: 845 2335 5150