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Founder's Biography

Sophia Ho is a passionate educator with a wide range of educational experiences. She was teaching in government schools for ten years before joining private international schools. Her experiences include pioneering and setting up of the IGCSE curriculum of an international school, being involved in teacher training as well as being a principal of an international school in Kuala Lumpur. 

In recent years, she has been wrestling with the question “What is Education?” Education is more than just getting the number of As, it is about putting in the right values, instilling the right attitudes towards life and learning that will equip students will the necessary foundation for life when they finish school. School is a place of equipping so that each child that comes through the system will discover, develop, delight and demonstrate their gifts and talents so as to be a valuable asset to community transformation. In addition to this, she believes in putting God at the centre of education. For that reason, she has returned to her hometown in Kota Kinabalu to pioneer a Christian homeschool that has such emphasis. 

She has a Bachelor in Education (Hons) from Exeter University, UK; M.Edu (Edu Mgt) from University Malaya.

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